Five Reasons To Seriously Consider Hiring An Elder Care Attorney

You might be surprised to know that the number of elderly Americans comprise a large percentage of the entire US population and should heed the call for focused attention and awareness on issues that may beset the elderly community.

This calls for the expertise and assistance of an elder care attorney near me to help the public make sense of this matter and how to address this emerging need.

Common issues that will require the need for an elder care lawyer

A survey conducted by a nationwide collective of caregivers pointed out several factors that can have legal implications on elder care.

Power of Attorney

The power of attorney (POA) is a vital document that is needed to plan for the future of eldercare and welfare. Drafting the POA document designating a person as the surrogate decision-maker on financial and medical matters is essential and must be done properly and within the bounds of elder law and other statutes.

Seeking guardianship

An elder law firm or attorney will have to be involved in the event of legal problems that may arise when an aging person has failed to identify a power of attorney before they are declared mentally and physically incompetent or when an authorized representative has been charged with fraud through mishandling the affairs of the elder citizen.

Guardianship proceedings can be a costly and lengthy process, so it would be ideal to have this sorted out while the aging person is still capable of making decisions.

Prevention and prosecution of elder abuse

There have been numerous reports of elder abuse that have been in the news especially in the hands of strangers or even by people who are close to them. Even cognitively sound and mentally competent elders are also susceptible to fraud and scams.

Legal charges for neglect or abuse

Elderly loved ones with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other cognitive conditions who have been victims or allege to be victims of abuse or neglect may need assistance from an elder care attorney for investigations or legal action when needed.

Estate administration

This is an essential aspect of Elder Law that would require the services and expertise of an elder law firm or attorney in administering a decedent’s estate. The process involves collecting and managing the elderly’s assets, debt payments, and the distribution of remaining assets to beneficiaries.

Remember, most of these reasons are time-sensitive concerns that must be addressed while the elderly loved one is still capable and competent in making decisions to avoid difficult and nerve-wracking problems in the future.